The first LIVE shopping app in Africa

Flick Live is a place for brands, big and small to sell their products live and in person to their customers. We provide a platform for you to make highly personal and engaging shoppable video experiences
Sell products, interact with viewers and gain potential customers in real-time live streams.
Become a digitally innovative brand

66% of global consumers wish retailers would be more digitally innovative and adopt new sales channels.

The Future of Shopping

The future of shopping is social with 63% of people aged 18-34 watch live streaming content regularly.

Boost conversion rates by 10x

Brands report live commerce conversion rates are up to 10x higher than conventional ecommerce.

Meet customers where they are

60% of shoppers who tried livestream shopping said it improved their shopping experience.

No hidden costs, success based pricing

Our simple, no hidden cost and success based pricing allows you to go live as much as you want and you will only be charged when you make sales.

Early bird offer only valid for first 100 approved sellers

Sales Commission. No monthly Fees.
Join Early Bird Waitlist
* Excl 3.5% payment processing fee
Starting after early bird special ends.
Sales Commission. No monthly Fees.
Apply to Waitlist
* Excl. 3.5% payment processing fee

1. Join the waitlist

Apply through the waitlist to get access to our diverse community and start growing your business on South Africa's first live stream shopping app!

We are strict on who can become a seller on Flick, conducting a thorough KYC process to ensure that all content creators and sellers are providing an honest and positive experience.

2. Link your online store

We make it easy for you to link your existing ecommerce store and keep your products and stock in perfect sync.
Shopstar Powered

Already a Shopstar customer? You can simply activate the Flick sales channel to start selling in a matter of minutes!

Connect your existing store

Have an existing Shopify or WooCommerce store? Link your store with Flick to keep management in one place.

Automagically Sync

Automatically update inventory in all linked stores whenever there is a new order, refund or cancellation. Orders will be created on the source platform too.

Incredible seller support

Get to know our South African Customer Success Team by name. We’re with you every step of the way.

3. Go LIVE to your audience

Flick is available on desktop or in the mobile app. You pick the device that's most comfortable and convenient for you.
Host Your Live Show

You can go live now, or schedule a show for later and build up some hype with our dynamic show creation options. You can go live any time of the day!

Share your show

Engage and monetise your existing audience in a new way by simply sharing your show on your existing social and communication channels.

Sell your products

With Live Shopping, customers can purchase products directly from your live stream without leaving the app or even the video! Enjoy up to 70% higher checkout rates.

Engage your audience

You'll be able to engage and connect with your live audience, getting real-time feedback, product suggestions and building a relationship with your customers!

Download the app and get selling today