Features & Pricing

We don't believe in gating features. All features for everyone!

Standard Features

Your Shop

  • FREE SSL (https://) Certificate.
  • Responsive, works on any device.
  • No coding knowledge required.
  • Customize design layouts.
  • Add your own domain name.
  • Add multiple content or product pages.

Managing orders

  • Orders automatically set to paid or unpaid.
  • Manually change order status from in process to shipped.
  • Automatically notify client when order has been shipped or is ready for collection.
  • All order (POS or online) in one place.
  • Export transactions for accounting purposes.
  • Set order reminders.

Point of sale

  • Ring up orders in store or at a market.
  • Apply voucher codes.
  • Apply discounts.
  • No need to print invoices - email invoice to customer.
  • Run cash-ups.
  • All orders tracked in admin.

Shipping settings

  • Add multiple shipping options.
  • Add collection options.
  • Google maps location tracking.

Shop settings

  • Add Google Analytics tools.
  • Add company and VAT details.
  • Manage email notifications.
  • Create and manage gift vouchers.
  • Create and manage specials.

Product management

  • Manage stock.
  • Organise products by ranges and tags.
  • Add unlimited product variants (red, yellow, small, medium, etc.).
  • Import & export products.
  • Make product available online or in POS or both.


  • Customer authenticated with Facebook.
  • Customer has one profile across all shops.
  • View customer profile.
  • Flag customer with Shopstar.
  • Customer can write reviews.
  • Customer can request out of stock items.

Sales reports

  • Run reports at any time for any time period.
  • View order locations via Google Maps.
  • Stats separated by local and international.
  • Stats separated by online and POS.


If you do not come right with our support site, you are more than welcome to contact us to set-up Skype screen sharing or make an appointment to see us.