Dropshipping By Shopstar

Reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers with Shopstar Marketplace.

Become a supplier to hundreds of online shops in South Africa. They make the sales, you ship the goods and get paid.

Become a supplier. FREE TRIAL.

14-day free trial, no credit card or experience required.


Fully automated from the start

The process is fully automated from order to fulfillment. Let other shops market your products and make the sale; you simply ship the product when the order comes in.

Proudly South African suppliers

Hundreds of online stores all over South Africa are ready to add your products to their stores, driving sales for your business without any effort from you whatsoever.

Our unique Single Checkout

Our unique single checkout function allows other online shops to sell products from multiple suppliers in a single checkout. Then, our system makes sure orders are fulfilled everyone gets paid.

Already got an online shop?

Automatically synchronise and import your products from Shopify or WooCommerce with a single click! Any updates or changes to your products and inventory levels will automatically happen on Shopstar.

You set the seller commission

You can determine the percentage of the sale total that is awarded to any shops that make sales on your behalf.

All suppliers are trusted

All suppliers go through a verification process to ensure the highest levels of quality for both suppliers and merchants.

How it works?

1. Sign up and add your products
Once you have been verified, add or import you products to the Shopstar Marketplace.
2. Make a Sale
Customers buy from a merchant’s website. The sale automatically comes through to you, and a the seller makes a commission.
3. Shopstar Marketplace
Our system automatically calculates what the merchant and you (the supplier) are each owed, and forwards the order to you for shipping.
4. Order is Shipped
As the supplier, you ship the product directly. No need to interact with either the store owner or the customer.

How many products do you have?
Choose your pricing based how much stuff you’re selling.

Up to 25
/ month
Start now
14 day free trial,
No credit card required.
/ month
Start now
14 day FREE trial.
No credit card required.
/ month
Start now
14 day FREE trial.
No credit card required.
Ready to start making sales?
Become a supplier. free TRIAL.

No credit card. No contracts. No commission.


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