Introducing Shopstar Pay

Introducing Shopstar Pay

The brand new feature keeping all payments on Shopstar under one roof.

One of Shopstar’s main missions is to make selling online as easy as possible.

With Shopstar Pay, we’ve taken a big step forward to do just that.

Accepting electronic payments is a key component of running an online store.

Whether your customers are entering their card details, paying via EFT or using SnapScan, your store needs to be set up to receive that money.

Until now, we’ve relied on third party companies to accept card payments. This was a pain point for new Shopstar store owners. Accepting card payments through separate companies means having to set up profiles with them.

That means submitting documents, waiting to be verified and so on. The process can take up to two weeks – valuable time that you could have spent making sales and bringing in the bucks.

Shopstar Pay is here to change all that.

For the first time, Shopstar store owners can keep their payments under one roof. No third party signups. No waiting for verification.

Starting an online store with us means that you can begin accepting payments straight away – adding more value to the Shopstar experience.

Using Shopstar Pay means making more profit.

That’s great for new users. But why should you change to Shopstar Pay if you’ve already gone through the painful process of signing up with a third party company?

Shopstar Pay doesn’t just make the process of accepting payments easier and faster – it also means you keep more of your profits.

It also makes running your store more streamlined.

More profit isn't the only reason you should use Shopstar Pay. In addition to making more money from each sale, you don’t need to sign into any third party accounts to manage your store’s finances. With Shopstar Pay, it all happens on your Shopstar profile.

This means that financial recons can all happen in one place, making your life easier and more convenient, because you don’t have to log into external or third party accounts to access the bird’s eye view of your store’s finances.

This feature represents a big step towards making Shopstar a central hub that contains all the software you need to make your business an online success.

We’re not stopping here...

Keep your eyes and ears open for the next big feature from Shopstar. It’s in development as we speak.

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